Sur les chemins de Manhattan

Spinning my Web


Marie Christine Katz arpente les rues de Manhattan, corps et esprit en marche.
Marcher tete devant ses pensees jusqu’a l’oubli.
Marcher a leur suite jusqu’a ce qu’elles nous quittent pour d’autres chemins.
Marie Christine etire sur le parcours des fils de fer, memoire des pas perdus, memoire de pas chercheurs.
Le corps emboite le pas et tresse la quotidien de pensees ressassees, d’appels repetes, de cris abandonnes.
Au voisinage de l’habitat de l’artiste, l’habitude enfouit le souvenir sous d’epais cordages de metal opaques.

Trouver, retrouver, chercher!

Si d’aventure, la marche s’ecarte, les voies deviennent sentiers le fil du chemin s’eclaircit, la maille s’elargit. Les fils de fer dessinent les countours du jour ou tisser l’image d’un souvenir. Quelquefois, dans cette etreinte avec la lumiere, le temps d’un parcours, l’eclat d’ une rencontre se manifeste ” une pepite de verre.

Retrouver, revenir, retenir!

Comment revenir a la pepite, la retenir? Arreter la marcha du corps et de l’esprit et la trame du parcours tombe dans la nuit. Accrocher au coeur alors le fil fugitif de l’espoir et Bouger, s’agiter, se taire, arreter de parler?


-Johnny Robert


Strings of Memory!

Zingertales by Ana Traina


I have known Marie Christina for about ten years now, she is an artist, and a mother whose children attended the same school as my son. I’ve always been a great fan of hers, and as the years pass I have loved watching her work blossom, and recently I have been completely WOWED by her newest work.

MOMENTS (Gathering moments in your life)
This particular installation portrait, was created by Marie-Christine for a 14 year old boy, Nicolas. It was his mum and Marie Christine’s gift to him. The first time I saw this room installation I was so awedly moved. Looking at her work, I was reminded of the Native American Abacus, Nepohualtzintzin, (a word that comes from the Nahuatl and it is formed by the roots; Ne -personal -; pohual or pohualli – the account -; and tzintzin – small similar elements.) Its complete meaning is taken as: counting with small similar elements by somebody and adding them up. Its use was taught in the “Kalmekak” to the “temalpouhkeh”, who were students dedicated to take the accounts of skies, from childhood. Just like the Nepohualzintzin, Marie-Christine counts little bits and pieces of a person’s remembrance on strings, and when you add them all up, the result is the powerful, intangible and beautiful soul, floating upon an ever changing sea of cloudless memory.

Marie Christine (Let’s take a Walk)
In Marie-Christine own words, she creates a collaborative element between the artist and the subject. She will first conduct an interview to gather all the necessary information… the history of the subject, the significant events throughout the years, of the memories that need to be represented. And together with the subject, she works on selecting the physical elements of the installation.

Details of Moments celebrating 25th years anniversary
The work is installed most often at the place where the wall and the ceiling meet. Initially, the work consists of a border painted in a very specific color to become the background of the piece. The four main walls of the room will represent each of the four seasons. A wire/thread/string is pulled once around the room to symbolize a year. Specific moments and memories of that year are being marked a piece of stone/glass/bead. Over time, depending on how many years the installation represents, there is a build up of beads and stones and a layering of wires/strings. The colors will be selected depending on the specific history of the subject whose history it is. For example, to celebrate wedding anniversaries, each year will follow the traditional representation such as year one/paper, year two/cotton, year 25/silver and so on. Depending on people’s wish, small personal objects and/or photographs can be used to mark a specific moment in time.

“Moments” – an installation, portrait
A work available for commission that gathers moments in a person or family’s life. Layers of silver wires, silk threads, beads, and other meaningful elements becomes a portrait highlighting personal journeys over time such as a birth, marriage, and other significant events. The work is installed most often at the place where the wall and the ceiling meet.